Car Mechanics?

I have had a rough week. My car was acting up after sitting here for those two months I was up north. After returning, I noticed my car had two lights appear. One is the TC, traction control. The other the Anti-theft system.

I immediately took it into the shop. After scanning it twice they could not come up with anything definite. I took it to Advanced Auto and had the alternator and battery checked. The battery could afford to be replaced, but it was till considered good.

Since that repair shop couldn’t find it, I took my car to a dealer where my car is bought and repaired. They found numerous small things but nothing huge. The bill was huge though. I had the brake pads and routers replaced, the AC and Alternator belt replaced after they were shown to be thin. The battery was replaced.

The company said everything was fine now. I went and picked it up. I drove the half hour home and the lights came back on the dashboard. My heart sunk, as I had sunk that much money in the repairs already.

I called the company and they were shocked. They told me to bring it back in, and of course I turned right around and took it back. They dug deeper, and found out the problem, but still haven’t fixed it. I think they want to be sure before they put another expensive part on it.

It blew my mind when they told me what they found. A nest of mice had been keeping safe from winter’s path by living under my hood. The technicians went to work immediately to see if wiring was chewed or copper was showing.

They say they believe it is the ECM, which from what I undertand is the brain of the car. Now they are in the process of elimination of every other thing possible. They still have my car and I am supposed to get it tomorrow. Anyone have any ideas?

On the way home, from one of the trips up to this place, I saw the coolest skies. Remember, I still try to find something positive in the storm of life. Here are the photos I took.


black cloudsblack clouds 2

7 thoughts on “Car Mechanics?

  1. It’s tricky. I had my car not for 2 months once because they couldn’t find the fault and then it was found that I had contaminated fuel from a cheap garage and many components had been affected. It cost me a fortune. It is not always easy to find the source, cars are complicated these days. Well at least the mouse had a nice home for a while.

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