Dear Lord


Today, I was reading on one of my MSA sites on Facebook, of another family member, waiting for God to come take a loved one home. It still yanks at my heart, as my memories still remain fresh in my mind of my loss of Al.


Dear Lord above

You see this soul

Lying in the bed.

You know it is

Almost time.

I have to admit

I don’t understand.

I said many prayers.

I did all I could.

I have to believe

That you need him.

You have a higher plan

And you feel his work

Here on earth is done.

I will shed many tears

For I will miss him so,

But I can’t help but smile

As I know the pain

Is coming to an end.

And he will be walking

With you Lord

Happy and healed.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


4 thoughts on “Dear Lord

  1. The memories of Al passing are still fresh, and I can understand how upset you are over this and the fact that it brings up what you went through. You know your friends are all around for you Terry.


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