Just Saying

I haven’t been on for a few days due to moving. I moved back up north into my son’s home. As I get older, this moving stuff is getting to be a pain, and takes it out of me; but I got through it.

My car which had some major issues,  had a great deal of money spent on it, but with no guarantee it is fixed. I made it the six hour trip with no issues, so I am giving my thanks to God for keeping me safe.

I have been released from the fear of two doctors suspecting I had Leukemia. Upon the third month of blood work, I was told I didn’t have it after all. Another thanks goes to God. I am not ready to die yet, but hopefully, my belief in God is strong enough, so when it is my time, I am going to a better place.

Do you notice as you get older, your beliefs change a little? I have noticed it for myself. What once was funny is not now. I used to be able to swear and not even blink an eye. I don’t do that any longer and I don’t care to be around those who do. If I say something I feel is wrong, I immediately ask for forgiveness.

My music taste has changed. My taste buds have changed. Some things I have thought were so important, just aren’t anymore. What about you? What have you noticed about yourself?

Yesterday and today, I received gifts that I had owned at one time earlier. It felt good to see these items, and took me back to times that I really was enjoying the younger me. I used to laugh until I almost wet myself. I used to be a talk-aholic. Today, I am much more quiet.

I sometimes think it is my age. Other times I believe it is things that have happened in my life that have changed me. Then there are times, I ponder on what people say and end up making a blog out of it.

I have two published books, Dahlia and Al his life & MSA. I finally got the courage up to blunder my way through my publishing company and now these two books can be found on Kindle. You can still get them in print, but Kindle is much cheaper. So that is something I did just for me.

Today, I joined a site that I am able to sell my photos online. Now, whether I actually sell any or not will be determined on what others think of my work, and of course God will make this new adventure work or maybe not work. So there is something else I did for myself.

I guess I am trying to say, that I am still working on my goal. My goal of not worrying what others think or do. That is their life, their choices. I am doing what I want to try, whether I succeed or not.

I used to believe that to think of myself, was too much pride or selfish, but I don’t believe that anymore. In order to be me, I have to please me, and that makes a healthier gal, right?


10 thoughts on “Just Saying

      • I went back and read the site again. They have a few ways to keep the photos safe from people who take, but can’t guarantee 100%, because it is the internet, and people are always learning new ways to do wrong. Thanks for helping me to find out for sure


  1. years ago, I remember my “ancient” granny used to say how much she appreciated peace and quiet. I am nowhere near her age when she said that, yet already peace and quiet sound so much bless-ed than ever before. I do believe you have something there about age and what is important, what is funny, and what is deeply serious. The harsh reality is that some journeys in life bring us much more emotional sobriety….and mind you, I am speaking as one who I somewhere sandwiched in the middle of this adventure. Keep up the good work.


  2. Moved again… you are getting used to it now? Well it needs to suit you and all need to be happy. Good news about your health. We all change with age, I know I have too, but I think for the best. Our views change it is good we cannot stand still. Change is good.


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