Whispers to God

I spoke to an awesome lady tonight, who has been conversing with me on my MSA page. It is so different when you speak over the phone. The person becomes real when you hear a voice.

I don’t know about her, but I felt like we hit it immediately off. I believe also that the prayers I have been whispering to God, he answered by sending her to me. Some of the things we talked about, she knew by her own situations.

Isn’t it awesome and sometimes so unexpected when God answers our prayers in ways we didn’t expect? I sometimes wonder if my little mind thinks that if he is going to answer my prayer, it will just be delivered straight into my lap. I can have a simple-like mind at times.

I ended the conversation with some important information, that will make my life better. My job is to take that gift and make use of it. I also noticed that although I felt good after the chat, Satan became worried.

He suddenly let me know that the stomach ache I had earlier today had shown itself once again. I almost fell for an immediate panic attack at some feelings I was having within my body. The good thing is I recognized it was Satan attacking, and I knew why; so I was able to tell him to leave me alone.

I now have a little bit of a smile on my face, and most likely I will go to bed and wake up fine in the morning, ready for another day. Satan may be an all powerful creation, but God is stronger.



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