Do The Right Thing

I don’t usually post or share too many things on Facebook that have to do with animals. I am more about sharing and posting; trying to be a support system for people with MSA. Today, for some reason, I did.

I saw many animal videos, and they weren’t all cute and adorable. One was a cat, which was a pretty cute video. The cat was nice and healthy. It was more a video about how the cat was talking to its owner. It was waiting to be let inside and it was sitting on the top step, looking in the glass door. It was meowing to a tune of Let me in, let me in.

There were other videos of abused dogs, where firemen had saved them, and I saw videos of dogs who weren’t so lucky to be saved. Seeing so many videos drew me to write this post tonight. These videos were not pretty or cute.

Pets don’t ask to come live with us. We invite and take them in. When they are babies, they have the cutest faces and bodies. As they grow and pick-up not so good of habits, such as chewing our shoes, or barking too much; we suddenly don’t think of them as cuties anymore.

What happens is the ignoring stage. Put the animal(s) outside, shut in a room, anything to get them out of sight for just a short while. Before you know it, we develop our own nasty habits of ignoring and abuse of animals.

What I have to say is DON’T. Don’t do this to animals. If you change your mind about that cute little pet, look for a new home for him or her. Don’t hit it, or starve it, or worse yet, pretend they don’t exist.

To those who suspect there is animal cruelty in any form going on, please report it to your Animal shelter, sheriff or police department.  They deserve to be treated with love and respect, just as you expect this same treatment from other humans.


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