A Day in a Life

It was pretty cold last night. This morning it was cloudy and still cold. I wished it were sunny. I can wish right? I went out about an hour later and low and behold, the sun was and is still shining.

It isn’t much warmer, but the vision presented to me, made it feel much warmer. There is something to be said about a cold, winter day. Snow lays quietly on the ground. The air is crisp. You inhale and the air seems to regenerate your spirit. The streets seem more quiet.

You just don’t have that advantage with warmer weather. You tend to hear more traffic. You see and listen to children playing. You lose a little of that peace. I always thought I never wanted to see a snowy winter day, but I have to admit, looking forward to the four seasons in Indiana, and enjoying what each has to offer is a beauty in itself.

I took a few photos this morning and here is what I saw.

A friend of mine wrote a beautiful poem. She asked me to not use her name; but instead give the credit to God for what she wrote. I will share it with you here also.

as i prayed

snowflakescloudy 3winter day

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