I’ll Whisper To You Darling



On an ocean blue

I call to you

From deep below

A whisper, slow.


You hear my call

You stumble and fall

As I sound familiar

You believe it to be her.


For once upon a time

You threw in your  line

You caught a love so rare

New birth, with all to bare.


Then one day I went away

You didn’t know what to say

I left and never more

Came knocking at your door.


You never forgot me did you

The life of me and you

But I was only in your mind

Unique, a one of a kind.


But while you sail today

I will swim along and say

I’ll whisper I love you

We’ll share today; us two.


You’ll recognize my signs

You’ll remember you were mine

And today will hold no grief

As we sail among the reefs.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd