The Misfit Shoe


Dan and Peggy got married

They had three children too

Two of the kiddies were awesome

One of them  a misfit shoe.


It bothered Dad  when family came

The attention the two received

When he looked at his little Sally

He didn’t know what to believe.


Sally was quiet and shy

She seemed in her own little world

The other two were boisterous

While Sally was not unfurled.


The parents did their best

To do the family thing

But Sally never cared

She drew squares and little rings.


Before the family knew it

The kids grew up and out

The two struggled with who they were

While Sally was building clout.


The two seemed always mad

To their parents they did vent

While Sally  shone with admirers

When she was elected President.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



It is the quiet ones who make the biggest difference. T.S.











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