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I used to love to write for Kelly Elmore a long, long time ago. I think that when Al passed away, I tossed this to the side. You have no idea how thrilled I was when I saw her link on one of my friends, Marilyn’s, blog. I immediately had to leave a comment for Kellie. She let me know it wasn’t too late to still write for one of her prompts.

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Day 14; Your definition of love


When I was a teenager, love meant all google-eyes, kisses, hugging and making out, going to the movies, or skating rink. Wow, to be that young and the entire world sitting at your feet for one day.

Today, being a Senior citizen, I look at love much different. Oh the kisses would be nice, if I could find someone to share one with. Going to a movie to see Risen, beginning this week would be a thrill. A couple of hugs  could be awesome.

The bigger picture of love for me now is, companionship, trust, being treated fair, sincere love. I am asking a lot aren’t  I? Well, we get a little smarter with age, and yet there is that kid in me still. So if I had a male companion, I may toss a snowball at him and watch him try to catch me and then we could both lay down in the white stuff and make snow angels. The one catch to that would be, someone trusting standing by to help us get back on our feet again.


To look out over the water

The two of us sitting on the dock

Listening to the waves and birds

Never glancing at the clock.


We would look in each others eyes

He would take my hand in his

I would place mine on top

And we’d share a little kiss.


He’d help me to my feet

I’d hand him his  walking cane

He’d wrap his arm around me

And we would turn back the way we came.


He’d open my car door first

He would lean in and kiss again

He would turn the music on

And I’d nuzzle against his chin.


Yes, this is what I dream

A love for me to be

A loving friend, companion

A love so pure and free.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



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Darkness over ride

People inside

Sleeping in beds

Cover their heads

Quiet reigns

No playing games

When I get up in morn

I see a new day is born

I walk outside

I let my eyes glide

I see I wasn’t alone

When I look around the stones

Fresh prints in the snow

Presenting a picture show

The layout of the feet

Tells me I want to meet

The beautiful deer and family

Think I’ll stay up late and see.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


deer 2