My Brother Dear

There is never a day I don’t think of my brother at least once. This time of year, I think of him more often than not. I can’t help myself, and I am tired of trying to hide my feelings, so I am posting about him today, and I probably will as it gets closer to March 24th, the day he left and went to  heaven , almost 2 years ago.


I knew you were ill

My brother dear

Because of this

I made plenty of decisions

That may look stupid

Or silly to others today.

I wanted to show you

Over and over that

Your life was not

A complete loss.

I wanted to share

Everything I could

With you, anything

To make you smile.

I may not be in the

Best situation today.

I may have to

Scrape and get less

But my memories

Of your bright eyes

And that huge smile

Touch my heart

Deeper than anything

In this world.

I don’t regret a thing.

I am so glad I was

Able to share and

Take care of you

Those seven years

While we fought

Together through


Oh, how my eyes

Can still seep

Tears of sorrorw.

I miss you bud.

I will love you forever.

And you will always

Remain close to my heart.

Written by,

Your sis, Terry Shepherd


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