We All Need to Feel We Are Loved

The little one of the family has been sick lately with the usual wintry things kids get. He is getting better with his medicines, but he is still under the weather. He is so in love with his daddy. When he is sick; all he wants is his daddy.

Tonight, daddy had some things to tend to and the little one had to stay indoors. Wow, was he upset. He cried and cried. The older kids tried consoling him, but he kept crying. After listening to this and determining he wasn’t going to stop, I went into their bedroom.

I held out my arms and he came running to me. I picked him up, and although my legs and arms had a little Parkinson thing going on, I carried him to my bedroom and just held him on my bed.

In less than five minutes, he fell asleep on my shoulder. I held him this way for about an hour. My heart melted, and I felt that same thing I felt when my kids were little and needed me. I felt the same way when Al was ill and he needed me.

All my life I have wanted to feel needed, and I received that tonight from an innocent little child. It made me smile, to know he loved me enough to relax and go to sleep in my arms. Just that gentle touch, or snuggle with a baby, or a kind word from a family or friend. Just something, anything to feel we are loved. Thank you baby E. for giving me that tonight.

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