Almost Here


How many days until Spring? Less than a month; according to the calendar. Now the weather can show a very different picture. We had very warm temperatures for this area here in Indiana the past four days. I didn’t need a jacket at times.

In a couple of days we will turn around and have winter show its face once more. We are to supposedly receive 6-7 inches of snow, along with some sleet and rain. I knew better to put the winter coat away for good. Indiana is a very good place to live if you like a  variety of weather and temperatures.

Christmas is over, the ground hog didn’t see his shadow. Signs of an early Spring to arrive. Tax season upon us, and the teasing days of Spring. It is a wonderful time of year. New hope arrives with these new days coming.

Time to think about getting out the shorts and T’s and fluffing them through the dryer with a Downy fabric softner sheet. It is time to get serious about losing those five to ten pounds that were gained over the holidays. Tanning places will soon be booming for those early tans, so you fit in with the Florida people on Spring break.

Time to do something with the hair; a different color, cut or style? Time to sit and soak in a nice, warm bubble bath, and pull out that new shaver and take off those inches of hair, we have been hiding all winter by long pants.

Awww, smell the fresh air, hear the Spring birds that are arriving. We are almost done with winter and ready to bounce into Spring.

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