One Minute

Every day  I wake  in pain. Usually  it is  a  dull headache  or a stiff neck and aching  shoulder .  I  was letting  the  dogs outside  this  morning  and I  was watching  the ever lingering  snowflakes .  Although  I  hurt, I  am  alive. I  thought  of  different  things  I had to  be thankful  for through  the  pain.
I  woke  up 
I am breathing 
I’m  standing 
I can see
I can feel  the  cold
I can smell the crisp air


I can hear the birds
I can talk to  the  dogs
I can think for  myself 
I can open doors 
I can sense things around  me
I can write  this  post
I can use the bathroom  by myself 
I can dress myself 
I can choose  my own breakfast  menu

This is a few things  to  be  thankful  for first thing in  the  morning .  What can you  think  of this moment  to be thankful  for ?

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