Ending Weekend

Sunday night is here. The weekend slipped by with no hitches. I didn’t do much yesterday. Friday evening I spent with fighting low blood sugars and that always makes me so tired for about 24 hours.

Today, I did more keeping company than actually physically helping a friend move. I hate it that I can’t do what I used to do. I can pick up barely any weight and standing for very long makes me feel like I am going to fall over.

It warmed up today and is quite windy. For Indiana, being in the fifties this time of year is something to cheer about. We have been getting teasers, as I call them, small times where the temperatures are Spring like, instead of winter.

February is almost over. March is about to begin, and soon Spring will be here. What are some things you do each Spring? Me, I open my windows, switch out long pants to shorts, and stick my face into any sun, warming my spirit and attitude.