Wish to Feel Whole


You can’t wait to grow up

To be ten and stay up longer

To be sixteen and date

Why wait? Why ponder?


You graduate from school

You get through college

You find that man

And you have all the knowledge.


You give birth to the first

To the second and third

Life seems so perfect

And then the bubble burst.


You get wrinkles and tired

You lose parents to death

Your heart has not felt this

Is this what describes meth?


Your husband starts changing

He never comes home

You find that phone number

Suddenly you feel all alone.


The aches and the pains

Start coming each day

Your heart also breaking

You want it to all go a way.


The grand kids bring laughter

They bring back some smiles

But somewhere inside you

You think back for a while.


When you are in bed

And resting your soul

You dream of the yesterdays

And wish to feel whole.


Life is a circle

With ups and its downs

We pray that we make it

Until we see the gold in God’s crown.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



black clouds 2

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