Stained Glass


A colored glass

Shows my  inner soul

Framed by wrought iron

Mimicked God’s mold.


Some days it is clear

With bright, piercing lights

Other days it is dark

With fog caused from fright.


I don’t have the answers

Although I am led in a way

Stepping out on a path

Hope I don’t want to stray.


I feel comfort in time

In my own little space

But I know I need more

And I don’t need to race.


It’s hard to change patterns

Makes me quiver inside

But today I will start

Looking deep and then wide.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Soft and Chewy M&M Pudding Cookies – Shugary Sweets

These delicious, soft and chewy M&M Pudding Cookies are the perfect texture and flavor in a sweet cookie recipe! Be sure to sign up for my email…new recipes in your inbox! CLICK TO PIN IT FOR LATER Sometimes kids say the funniest things! Here’s just a little glimpse into the odd convserations at the Shugary house:   Tessa (teenage […]

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Almost Here


How many days until Spring? Less than a month; according to the calendar. Now the weather can show a very different picture. We had very warm temperatures for this area here in Indiana the past four days. I didn’t need a jacket at times.

In a couple of days we will turn around and have winter show its face once more. We are to supposedly receive 6-7 inches of snow, along with some sleet and rain. I knew better to put the winter coat away for good. Indiana is a very good place to live if you like a  variety of weather and temperatures.

Christmas is over, the ground hog didn’t see his shadow. Signs of an early Spring to arrive. Tax season upon us, and the teasing days of Spring. It is a wonderful time of year. New hope arrives with these new days coming.

Time to think about getting out the shorts and T’s and fluffing them through the dryer with a Downy fabric softner sheet. It is time to get serious about losing those five to ten pounds that were gained over the holidays. Tanning places will soon be booming for those early tans, so you fit in with the Florida people on Spring break.

Time to do something with the hair; a different color, cut or style? Time to sit and soak in a nice, warm bubble bath, and pull out that new shaver and take off those inches of hair, we have been hiding all winter by long pants.

Awww, smell the fresh air, hear the Spring birds that are arriving. We are almost done with winter and ready to bounce into Spring.

Monday? Yes

This has not been my day through  no fault of my own. I had stomach cramps last night that kept waking me up off and on. I didn’t sleep very well, naturally. Today, I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch.

I did go, but I was so tired. What happens when you are a senior citizen and you are tired? Most of what can go wrong does. I went into panic attack mode, so had to excuse myself and leave. My sugars were too low and of course I stressed over that while waiting for the meal.

I had been staying in my room way too much over the past few months, so being in a crowd of people terrified me, which set off the panic attack. I went to my home town pharmacy to pick up medications. They weren’t ready, so I became more anxious.

I did look around so I wouldn’t look like a blooming idiot through my panic attack. I was  happy to see that Yankee Candles are now sold here, so I bought a couple of tarts. I then paid for my medications.

I got in my car and the medication bag slipped out of my hand and spilled all over the floor. I bent down to pick them up and scraped the skin off my finger by something, probably a pebble. I need to clean my car out; but will wait until Spring arrives.

I went to  put my keys in the ignition and dropped them. Upon retrieving them, I suddenly began to laugh. I laughed for so long, I was crying. What a day this has been. Clumsy, tired, panicky, and stressed.

I drove home,  put my medications away, sat down on my computer chair to write this, and then guess what? I am going to lay down and take a nap. Hopefully, when I get up, I will feel rested, panic attacks will leave, clumsiness will disappear, and everything will be gently sliding into a new day.


Oh, one last thing. I wanted to mention to anyone who likes photography or my photos, I have a new WordPress blog site.


Goodbye everyone, for now. Hope you are enjoying your Monday, yes, Monday afternoon.


Sunday Cooking!

great and easy recipes

MKG- Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts

A lazy day for me…

a busy day for Bobby…

He is finishing the electrical work for the washer/dryer he’s putting in for me…

I thank God for him every day!… with his many talents…

plumbing, electric, woodworking, painting, lawn care, roofing, cleaning house, auto repair, laying tile, furnace repair, concrete work…

He has touched everything in our home…

I can do many things too… since I have watched him and before that my Daddy and Mom…

You will find me today cleaning house and cooking…

Vegetable Soup was on the menu… I had found a sale on canned veggies… so SOUP they became…


Small chopped onion…(had)

Beef stew mix (I already had)…

1-Pound Ground Beef cooked…(had)

3-cups water

Combine in crock pot and cook 4 hours… add salt/pepper to taste…


I also had been wanting to make some Bean Salad for myself…

I will…

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Under the Light



Remember when we were kids? Especially city kids, when staying out until dark. Mom would say, “When the street lights come on, it’s time to come in”. We would fight all the way to the back door because we wanted to stay outside and play.

Freeze tag, regular tag, hide and seek; these were some of my favorite evening games. All the neighborhood kids and cousins made great teammates. What I wouldn’t give to be able to run like I used to. I could fall down and jump right back up, brush myself off, and go at it again.

Remember Red Rover, red rover, send someone right over? It makes me smile as I go back and visit in those days. No worries, no illness, no knowledge about death or sorrow. Innocence was our middle name. In my days, there was no talk about child molestation, murders, robberies, and if these things happened, adults didn’t discuss them around us.

Today, many kids know about such things. There are some good things about it. They are made ready for different circumstances. Tell an adult if someone touches you in a private place. Tell a teacher or the principal if you are in fear at home.

When I was a kid, the thing I remember is, Don’t get into cars with strangers and don’t accept candy from strangers. Life has certainly changed; but has it really? Weren’t those things going on when I was young; but kept quiet? Kids are safer today, because they are made aware of the dangers that can happen.

Some things don’t change though for sure. Playing tag under the street lights. Fighting to have to come in the house at dark, because you know you will have to take a bath and get ready for bed. Playing with the neighbor kids and cousins.

Life is still good isn’t it? It needs to stay that way. Kids need to be able to be kids. They have to have the opportunities to build those same great memories that I have today.

Photo taken by Terry Shepherd

Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies – Shugary Sweets

Rich and thick, these fudgy brownies are topped with a sweet mint chocolate chip buttercream frosting! Behold, the Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies recipe of your dreams! Be sure to sign up for my email…new recipes in your inbox! PIN IT FOR LATER We are serious mint chocolate chip lovers in this house. So much so, that many years […]

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I Will Treasure Today, and Miss Yesterday

I saw a quote fly through my Facebook page yesterday. It hit me hard as I have lost a few good friends. One I had never met in person, but knew well from Facebook. The other I knew.

It tears at my heart when there is a loss in my life. A few years back, I lost my first good friend through Facebook. It made it a reality. instead of just a Facebook. I wept for some time over not being able to s speak to him anymore. He was an awesome guy, who lived in a wheelchair; but  his attitude about life, was better than most walking people’s were.

Then there was another time I had a male friend, Andre, from the Netherlands. He was awesome. His wife and him and I , had shared many phone conversations. Christmas and birthday gifts and cards were exchanged. It was one of the best relationships I thought I would ever experience; but I was wrong. There were more relationships to come. Andre passed away at the age of 86, and I still miss him today.

There is Viveka G. who is one of my dearest friends. A dream to meet her would be so awesome. Ute L. is another friend I have made who stuck by me through thick and thin throughout Al’s illness.  Marilyn G. and her husband came up to meet me and Al. It was the best visit. They are a wonderful, loving couple. These ladies are my blogger friends here at WordPress. Now these  ladies are alive and well, and they better stay that way, or else!! LOL

Another blogger friend I miss so bad is Sandra Callahan. Oh the times we spent talking and writing to each other. My heart still breaks. I lost her friendship last week. Yesterday, I lost another friend, whom I knew in person and here at Facebook. Ruth Bettinger Nichols. She passed away from cancer.

Who ever says you can’t make friends through the Facebook, have never truly been involved with this site. To, these friends, I will miss you. To those who I still chat with, I won’t let you go. I WILL TREASURE TODAY AND MISS YESTERDAY


I hope God enjoys your friendship as much as I did.




sandra callahan


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