It’s March today. Does it feel any different from yesterday? No, you are right, but our mindset changes. We lean towards Spring and turn our backs on winter. We used to delight in the falling of fresh snow. Now, we whine, wondering if it is the last of the season.

With Spring comes warmer weather, threats of tornadoes, rain and high winds. To me, it is like God letting the atmosphere take over. The earth is being cleaned from the winter and clearing the debris for beautiful flowers to arise once again through thawed ground.

Before we know it, temperatures change, warming our cheeks and hair. We find ourselves smiling more, getting outdoors, and looking for our shorts and T’s to put on. Away with the old and on to the new.


March, a new song

Filled with hope

Let heat bills rest

Let our skin soften

Let love visit

Winter is almost gone

Time to wake-up my friends.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


purple azelias


6 thoughts on “March

    • You got that right, snow is evil, but I must say, when you are inside looking out at snow falling, and the virgin white lays quietly on the ground, this is the only time it is beautiful!!! hugs

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