White Feather

He came into the store. The little bell hanging over the door announced his arrival. Laura came forth to see how she could assist him. She took one look at his clothes and took a step backwards.

The dirt and the holy shoes that she stared at; let her immediately know she had a beggar standing in front of her. She looked around as if she was waiting for her helper to come in and rescue her.

She was the owner of this gentile. There was no one else to come to her aid. Her husband had died two weeks ago. She was all alone. She cleared her throat and with a slight tremor in her voice asked, ” may I help you sir”?

He looked through her green eyes. It seemed like he was burning an imprint into her soul, because her entire chest cavity felt on fire. She forced herself to smile as she waited for his response.

” I am in need of some flour mam, and maybe a penny bag of sugar. I need some eggs and a bar of soap, and perhaps two of those penny candies”. She quickly went to work filling his order.

She handed him his sack and told him the money that he owed. The man reached into his pocket. Her heart raced, her breathing picked up. He was going to rob her. Someone please help me. Oh Lord, show yourself, have mercy on my poor soul.

The man took out the money and handed her the correct change. He smiled at her as he took the sack out of her hand. He turned and walked through the same door he had entered. As soon as he was on the other side, Laura felt something soft tickle her neck.

She looked down on the counter where it had fallen. A white feather was laying there. She picked it up and looked out the door where an angel was standing. Shivers raced down her spine and she stood frozen in spot. Lord? Daniel?


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