Dedicated to Alvin Miller


Living without you

The hardest task of all

Days turn into weeks, then months

And still I stand, I fall.


Memories of you in my mind

Thoughts of you every day

I just wish I could turn back the time

When we would see the day and play.


Things that mattered once

Don’t seem to count to me

Sometimes I just see blanks

On a paper I write; he and she.


What I wouldn’t give for this moment

To see your face once more

Where pain is separated from us

Where there is no heaven’s doors.


It’s almost here; the date

You left this life for good

I am taking step by step

But life’s not as it should.


I hear your cries of pain

Your desperate plea to be free

I carry this photo in my heart

As close as close can be.


I know that you are healed

From M.S.A. the beast

I know you are with God

Full of smiles and gentle peace.


I have to remind myself

That where that light had shone

Could once again shine for me

As I will never walk alone.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



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