A Good Crop

Things seem to keep changing in my life. I ask and wonder what God has in store for me. He has opened some doors in my life that I thought would stay shut forever. Things that I have not asked for have happened. Other things I hoped for did nothing.

It is Tuesday, and a gloomy one at that. The sun is hiding. The skies are full of gray. A slight chill is in the air and I  heard the weatherman state we may have a snow/rain mix one day this weekend, but it will be short-lived.

We have to be prepared don’t we? We can’t get too cozy in thinking our days ahead are smooth sailing. Flexible and faith is what seems to be able to carry us through. As I listen to the sound of a far-a-way train, and traffic going to and fro, it is quiet inside where I live.

It gives me time to think about where I am at in life. Next month I will approach my 62nd birthday. It makes me swallow hard when I see that number staring back at me. My body does feel the age. My mind refuses to accept it.

Right outside my bedroom window stands a strong and sturdy trunk. It is holding many branches that are naked from any color. This tree is me, waiting for new birth, new opportunities to be of service to others and God.

With Spring comes hope, and I will continue to carry mine until my last breath. I will stand with you my tree. We will patiently await new buds, taking in all we can handle, and hoping for a good crop.

animal 2Photo taken by Terry Shepherd

6 thoughts on “A Good Crop

  1. I love your photo there – I looking out of mine and feeling deeply what you wrote. If I start to think of “being prepared” – then I feel drained by worry. It does help to see signs of spring and renewal. It is hard to accept aging and change. You are right about having faith and being flexible. Those are beautiful words!


    • It is difficult for me to accept change and getting older too. My worst fear is dying. I can’t stop it, so I kick myself emotionally for my fear. I turn 62 next month and dread it. Sometimes I get on my own nerves. I wrote this because I want to be a better person


      • I have no doubt you are a wonderful person and kicking ourselves for fear just makes us feel bad. I have a lot of terror around death – I watched mother and father struggle until they took their last breath. And at the moment, I have a friend who is dying and she isn’t old. Perhaps death gives us more appreciation for every day? It can definitely dampen things. I fear suffering. I found my joy by distraction and music. It is good to write about our fears to release them. 🙂
        ps. Your writing is beautiful.


      • Thank you, Terry. And of course, I am mourning Sandy – it’s so hard to accept that she’s gone and I’m thinking of her family, too. 😦


      • it is so difficult to not have our loved ones in our lives. I know exactly how you feel. My parents and brother and all but one relative are now deceased. I feel like an ophan


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