Silly, Older Thoughts


Is it too crazy of a thought, at the age of sixty-something, to still wish to be close to someone?

Now that I can not work outside the home, there is only so much cleaning that can be done. I watch others lead their busy work days, and I sense the void of a companion even deeper.

I didn’t say anything about marriage contracts. I want someone who will listen to my silly talk. He may ask me to go out and eat, or we may sit at the park sharing conversation. Better yet, would be someone who enjoys their camera as much as I love mine. We could take photos of different scenes.

He may call me on the telephone to just see what I am doing. Speaking about that, this is one of the biggest voids in my life today. I miss hearing from loved ones. Children grow up and raise their own children. They don’t need their parents in the same way, so phone calls become less.

I am doing alright, I am not saying I am not, but there is a difference between surviving, living, and something to keep looking forward to. Does anyone understand what I am saying, or am I just being a silly, older lady today?

12 thoughts on “Silly, Older Thoughts

  1. I think that you are honestly just expressing what God created us to be: social creatures who do better when we’re engaged in relationships with other social creatures. I was born in June of 1954, and I have realized that I don’t want just any companion. I have had unkind companions, uncaring companions, and even narcissistic and cruel companions. I only want good ones who are kind and interested in me as much as I am in them. If that’s not possible, then I am happy not having to consider another person’s challenges in the middle of my own. I also miss contact with my grown and flown sons, now and then, though I may have contact with them and their families – we’re distant now.

    I decide I’m going to be happy with the fact that they are honorable men, and doing honorable things with their lives. That they know the value of hard work, and how to exert themselves to help someone else. I don’t have everything I wish for, but I also don’t have much of what I was afraid of, and see other people coping with. I’ll take my cup as God has poured it out for me, and remind myself that things could be very worse….

    But it’s still good to admit that we have longings for something different. Just don’t let it hide what you HAVE.


    • Your thoughts are so in tune with mine. I have much to be thankful for. I have painful memories of emotional hurt in past marriage. I do wish for a companion, but I will be content if God doesn’t bring me one. Life is good. I can wish for more, but be ever so thankful for all I have. Hugs


  2. I think as humans we need to share and interact – it becomes lonely when there is no one there to listen. It was lonely when I was married to someone who didn’t understand me. I am still busy with my sons who live with me, but I know they won’t always be there. I think it’s beautiful to express what you are longing for – it will come to you that way!


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