Web of Love

The two teenage boys were bored, and we know what can happen to teens who are bored. It was Friday night. The game was over. Their school had lost. Not wanting to go home; they decided to walk home instead of getting a ride from friends.

The trees cast shadows that your imagination could only wonder if the tall, lanky branches would stretch down and scoop you up; saving you for the buzzards. There was a full moon this evening and to add mental excitement, it was one week before Halloween.

The two guys talked about the lost football game and the girls they would love to ask out on a date. The streets were quiet and they could almost name each home they passed; they had lived in the area so long.

They stopped in front of the big, Victorian house. Rumor had it that a husband and wife had lived there at one time. The man had come home with a terrible headache from work one day and caught his wife in bed with his best friend.

He sneaked back out the front door and walked into the garage and picked up his ax. He quietly tiptoed in the front door and to the door that was slightly cracked open of their bedroom.

He stood for a while watching his wife make noises he had never  heard her do. The man in his bed was begging for more from his wife. She was sitting on top of him, her hair all wild looking. Neither of them noticed his presence.


Anger built up inside of the owner, perhaps jealousy at not being able to get his wife to perform for him like she was now. He raised his ax and walked towards them and chopped his wife’s head off.

The man instantly threw the woman off of him and with his eyes bugged out of his head and his mouth wide open to scream, the madman cut his manhood off and then followed with his head.

The rumor has it that he cleaned everything up. He buried them somewhere that was never learned. He then sat in that bedroom until he had starved himself to death.

The boys looked at the front door and at each other. They were just bored enough to dare each other to walk up to the front door. Slowly, and barely breathing, the two walked up to the door. A hand on the knob found it turned easily and before either thought; they were standing inside the deserted house.

They paid no attention to the rest of the house. The curious cats walked into the hall that led to that bedroom. The door was boarded up. With the dim light shining from outside light poles, they could tell that one of the boards was broken.

One of them pulled the board and it came off easily. Bending down and entering under the other contained board, they were standing in the middle of the room. A bed with plastic, clear sheets was covering the bed. There was a chair at the foot of the bed.

A hard, straight chair. Was this where that man sat, starving himself to death? The boys stood still taking in all the view of the room. Off-white, ruffled curtains ordained the windows. There were two dressers and a vanity holding a mirror. There was a matching chair.

When the two walked to the chair, they found an out-of-style dress, a bra and panties and some stockings. Were those the clothes she had taken off to be with her lover?

The two were brave and they sat down on the bed. They pretended they were the two that were killed and laid down on the bed. Before they could sit back up, dry, blackened, prickly hands reached down and sucked the two into the bed.

The next day’s headlines said in big, bold letters.

Two teen boys are missing from the neighborhood. It seems they never arrived home last evening. Rumor has it that they visited the old, haunted house on Weed St, and their curiosity got the better of them.  People are speculating whether they got sucked into the web of love

Moral of story is; when you find you are bored, clean your own closet.





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