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Kellie has begun her Free Write Friday prompts again. I am excited about this. It stretches your brain, and she gives you a variety of topics to write about. Want to join in ? Go to this link;



Today’s prompt;

Memory Prompt:

Write about your earliest memory. Good, bad, happy or sad. Before you begin, take time to dwell in that memory. Absorb everything you can about it. What you see, what you smell, what you hear and mostly, how you feel. Let it resonate. Marinate your mind in that one moment. Then begin.


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My earliest memory is something I have mentioned to elders in the family; but it was never verified; but in my mind, it is very accurate.

I was around the age of three. There were problems in my parents divorce and therefore, my brother, me and our dad moved in with his parents. My father slept upstairs and I don’t remember where my brother was.

I remember me still being in a baby crib and I still held a bottle to my mouth. I believe this to be true from the stories I have heard. My dad worked nights at a local skating rink and part/time at a bowling alley. He arrived home pretty early in the mornings.

Of course, me being young, I rose with the roosters. I don’t know if I entertained myself with baby thoughts, but I do remember throwing my baby bottle at my dad when I was ready to get out of the baby bed.

I remember him walking me down the stairway with my fingers wrapped around his fingers.

I always look at this a little confused. Dad must have loved me, or else he wouldn’t have had me in the same house with a separation in marriage in progress. I always held him with high standards throughout my life, because not many fathers back in those days took the children under their wing.

He was my hero, and when he passed away in 2007, I lost a big chunk of my heart.


6 thoughts on “Writing for Kellie, FWF

  1. One of my earliest memories of my dad is of him teaching me how to ride my tricycle in my maternal grandmothers kitchen because we all lived with her for a while why my dad built our house next door. The tricycle was purple and my dad is 6ft 1. So you can imagine how funny for me it would look as he chased me around the kitchen. LOL Dad’s like yours and mine are very special. 🙂

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