The voices told me to do it. He/she is depressed. Being out of work, I just couldn’t take the kids screaming any longer. Drugs made him/her do it.

We read and hear a lot in this world. I can’t begin to understand what makes people do what they do. All I can do is give my heart to those who want me to listen. I can relate to depression.

My mother used to say when she was alive that she didn’t believe in depression. She believed it was an excuse for a deeper problem. I am not sure if she was totally right. I know I have depression; but not a deep depression.

I don’t understand why I go through my bad days most times. I am alive, and loved, cared about, and my health could be worse. I understand days like yesterday when I was very sad. I hated it that my family and friends never mentioned my brother’s name.

Actually, they should not have to mention his name. I guess I just wanted someone else to understand and feel some of the pain and sorrow I was feeling since it was his second anniversary of being in heaven.

I couldn’t get myself motivated for crap yesterday. I didn’t want to get dressed, or even eat. Everything I did, I drug my feet fighting. I am glad the day is over. I don’t forget Al on any day, but those special days suck big time.

The real depression though. More people have it than we suspect. It isn’t a day or two of sadness. It can cause so many problems within our families, ourselves. I believe it can alter our thinking so that we do things we normally would not do.

Can people be on medications and function throughout life? I am not sure. Years ago when I was going through a real depression from a lack of personal connection between a family member and myself; I finally broke down and went and saw a therapist. I think I picked the wrong type for myself, as the way to fix me was to medicate me. All I wanted to do day after day was sleep.

In my opinion, that wasn’t a way to work through and heal, it was a blanket covering the problem. One day I got sick and tired of not wanting to be a part of the living. I found a Christian counselor, and we talked out my issues, and through time, I became 90% better than I was.

Do you know someone who is labeled depressed? What do you notice different about them from you? Do you believe that depression is a blanket for a deeper problem, or do you believe it is real?

Give me your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Depression

    • I don’t think we are aware of slipping into a depression , I am not sure if we can even fix it if we did recognize it. Hormones and chemical imbalances cause depression . Some medications really help our stability . I am thankful you took the lead and see ked help. Some don’t want to accept or do something about it. You are a strong woman , maybe stronger because of getting through depression . Hugs

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  1. I don’t think anyone who has never suffered from depression can say how it is. I know someone and I don’t understand it, ma as always finding something to be thankful for , something to make me happy , something to make others happy. It is to do with attitude to life. I can’t judge as I have never been there… and hopefully never go there. We all feel down sometimes , me too, but that is not depression, that is just being human. I am a fighter and that helps, not let yourself go…..

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    • I have many sad days after losing my dad and brother . I get it. I make myself find at least one good thing about each day. Helping others gives me great satisfaction . I agree. Reaching out to others keeps our bodies healthier

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  2. I suffered from clinical depression, which seems to go beyond just feeling blue. I don’t always know when it’s smiting me, and that’s the biggest part of the problem. When you feel like it’s really true that there is no hope for better, or that no one really cares about you no matter what they are saying (they are just being kind, not truthful), and other deceptions seem to cling to me, I know that I am probably suffering from depression. The meds help dissipate the fog of funk, and I can laugh at different things again, or just look forward to something instead of declining the invitations. I wholly believe in counseling as well! There are some days that I can’t participate in that without some help from the anti-depressants, though. I never have to take them for more than a few months. They help me get grounded again, and it may be years before I get into a funk again; but I thank God for them when i need them.


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