Where Am I?

Grief comes along
Hits you in the gut
Out of nowhere
Visions change
Thoughts wonder
Anxiety and stress
Smiles leave
People wonder
Where you went
Some scream
Come back!
I’d like too
I swear
But I don’t
Know where
I went.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Sweet Potato Tex Mex Skillet – Shugary Sweets

This Sweet Potato Tex Mex Skillet is an easy, weeknight meal idea! Perfect vegetarian dish for Meatless Mondays! Be sure to sign up for my email…new recipes in your inbox! CLICK HERE TO PIN IT FOR LATER I always thought dinner with 4 toddlers was hard. Life was busy back then, when my kids were little, but […]

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Brookie Cookies – Shugary Sweets

If you can’t choose between Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies, these Brookie Cookies are the answer! Soft baked brownie cookies with the perfect texture and flavor! Be sure to sign up for my email…new recipes in your inbox! CLICK HERE TO PIN IT FOR LATER One of my favorite recipes here on Shugary Sweets is this Brookie […]

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Fatal Love

In a corner, you could make out the shadow of a form. A blackness with no heart remaining. Blood remains stirring from where an arrow missed its mark.

This is what painful and broken love does to a soul. It breaks it down, leaving it lifeless, thoughts of worthlessness enter, drooling in a pool around the feet.

How is it that an organ that divides a body from life or death become so involved with a feeling? Is it not true, that pure joy or devastation, or painful words, or broken arguments can cause a deeper feeling than any other thing a person can experience?

Words of comfort, a pat on the back, a sincere hug, seems to make no difference at that moment. All a person wants to do is hide and perhaps die. A sense of loneliness overtakes and if not nurtured correctly can cause a fatal death.

When this happens to one you know; don’t drift away from fear of not knowing what to say. Go to them, make the words escape your lips. Give the comfort.  Be the first one to make the move. Don’t wait, you never know if you may save a life.


My Poetry

You were once the man upon the horse

Riding through the middle of my life

Reaching out the lasso

Saving me from my death.


I thought love was forever

A marriage vow implanted

Unknown to my pure thoughts

That another could turn your head.


I see now many months later

You were burnt beyond belief

The taste of sour wine embedded

The look of hurt within your eyes.


Now you wonder what I am doing

Who my thoughts are of at night

You ask if there’s a place for me

Could you make amends.


Pain that runneth deep

Trust that has been broken

Layers broke and rusty bricks

No words can heal the hurt..


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


My Poetry

Lines going nowhere
Quotes left unsaid
A kiss remains untouched
Memories of what once
Fresh within the mind
A look of yesterday
A smile once recognized
A touch with vibrations
Lingers within the soul
The sun goes down
Darkness over rules
Two faces in mirrors
Familiarity does remain.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd