After two visits to my family doctor, one visit to the ER, I am finally on the mend. I still have to be very careful of what I eat; but I can eat. I feel alive again, and ready to be a part of the world.

Being ill is no fun. I am sure a lot of you understand this. I even lost a few  pounds and hope I don’t gain that back.

My life is looking up in general. I am holding my head up more, and I feel smiles on my face.

Just wanted to give you an update.

me today 3

10 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Seasonal allergies are kicking my butt, and I never used to have them before my meno paused. They mess with my asthma and I have to juggle two inhalers and nebulizer treatments to avoid the ER that I went to LAST spring. I feel your pain, and am glad you’re on the mend :).


    • I am allergic to rain. Can you believe that? I had allergy tests done years ago and I am allergic to something in the air that rain stirs up. I also sneeze when I take a bath or shower and do dishes. Spring and fall are my worst times for infections from allergies. Should we move to a better area?? lol. I understand what you are saying. I don’t like it that you have to go to the ER. I usually get ear infections, sinus infections, a constant cough from drip and have to take an antibiotic. I am so sorry you have to go through so much


  2. So happy to hear your upbeat voice, Terry. Sounds like you’ve gone through a lot, but with such a positive attitude I think great things are coming your way. Sending healing thoughts. 🙂


    • I sure hope you are right Judy. I know we all get sick from time to time, and there are those with terminal illness, but I have to admit, I am glad I am starting to feel better. Hugs

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