Definitely Here

Indiana may not be the warmest year round like other states; but when Spring arrives and stays, we Hoosiers are very pleased. The birds are singing, the flowers are popping, grass is being mowed.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy shaking off the winter blues, and digging out the T’s and shorts. It is a mood enhancer without drugs. Make sure you take the time to notice your day. Smell the wet bark from a good rain. Lean down and smell those flowers. Smell the freshly cut grass. Listen to those frogs mating.

To me, hearing the frogs during mating time in the Spring is a beautiful, calming thing to me. Here is a flower to remind you of what time of year it is here in Indiana!



FWF, Writing for Kelly



This is a man

A very talented man

Who couldn’t speak

Communication weak

Stutter he did

Continually hid

Then one day he saw

A calling from God

He went and sat down

He made his first sound

Smooth as could be

Beauty drifted to sea

Everyone stood around

Some knelt and sat down

As the keys he did grace

A story took place

The ivory and black

Took all his fears back

As God showed him a way

Another way he could say

To open his heart I did see

A beautiful man before me.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Pecan Pralines – Shugary Sweets

This buttery, brown sugar Southern candy is such a treat. Pecan Pralines are a classic that you have to try! Be sure to sign up for my email…new recipes in your inbox! CLICK HERE TO PIN IT FOR LATER I’m not a southerner. So forgive me when I say I have never ever tried a Pecan Praline […]

Source: Pecan Pralines – Shugary Sweets