I Don’t Feel This Every Day

I saw a banner floating through my FB earlier and I thought about how many people actually feel like this. The sorrow is the person who feels this more than a few times per week.

I can tend to feel this way; but keep walking the worn path of my old footsteps, trying to do good. I am a born caregiver. It took me many years to figure out that this is God’s talent given to me. When I had children it was my greatest pleasure to take care of them.

Whether it was feeding them or wiping a nose, I loved it. Why? because I felt needed.When my father and brother became ill, it was very painful to watch them suffer; but I was rewarded with many wonderful memories by being their family and caregiver.

Now that I am a public speaker for the terrible disease, Multiple System  Atrophy, it gives me an awesome satisfaction now more than ever to help. You ask why? I have my own gait issues, tremor issues, my age is against me, so being able to answer questions for families and patients, being able to give words of comfort, or place silly or beautiful posts on my page, and have them tell me I made their day, is the best ever.

It is hard to deal with the deeply embedded pain of having people ignore you. We can and do feel alone, sad and sometimes depressed. I have learned that although others may have hurt me, they most likely aren’t feeling it, so the best thing to do is  help someone who you know will appreciate it, and who knows, you may also develop an ever-lasting friendship.

I don't feel

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel This Every Day

  1. It’s easy to be overlooked when you are the caregiver. It’s sad but true. I know the feeling. Try not to loose your identity in the caregiving process. It may be what you do, but it does not define who you are 🙂 Many Blessings!

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  2. Hi Terry and I hope you don’t mind me emailing you privately like this. I don’t think I have ever felt more unhappy. So sorry not to be keeping up with your posts but I am having a very low time. I really admire what you are doing and saying. Love Julie >

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