To Daughter’s Everywhere

To Daughters Everywhere
I thought I knew it all
I was almost seventeen
I hated they didn’t understand me
You all know what I mean?
I’ve shed so many tears
As I lay awake at night
Another argument with them
Seems like I never win.
He said he loves me deeply
He says there’s no one else
Why can’t you parents get it?
Won’t you understand a bit?
When I am with him alone
And he whispers in my ear
When he says he wants to show me
I don’t want to run and flee.
Maybe you’ve never felt this
The true meaning of real love
Because then you would permit this
Just some hugs and a little kiss.
Oh mommy, I didn’t listen
What am I going to do
He said I had to show him
Or he’d leave for one of them.
The nurse, she sat me down
And she took my hand in hers
She said the words so ugly
I am now a mommy to be.
I saw my mommy cry
Big alligator tears
She took me in her arms
As if protecting me from harm.
“I didn’t want this to happen
I know how you must feel
Because years ago my head swirled
And now I have you baby girl.”
Written by,
Terry Shepherd
me today 3

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