I am stuck in a day. Sounds silly doesn’t it? I am moving along through each hour, but I am making no advances on anything.

I am still taking my photographs. Did you know I have a separate photo page here at WP? It is called Throughmyeyes1954. Check it out sometime. It has my photos I take on it.

I have been on a poetry writing spree as of late. I can’t seem to get my mind started on short story writing for some reason. I  have a lot of new things on my mind, and I think experiencing these new places is deterring me from my writing.

I hope that very soon, I will go back to that place I know so well; but for now, I hope you enjoy poetry and photos!


Thoughts scrambled in my mind
Racing over time
No certain place to go
No one can even know
What goes on inside the cube
Needs peace and oil-lubed
A mental stutter note
It goes a stray and floats
A writer’s block is what
This gal does seem to got.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


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