Heavy Heart

It wasn’t that long ago that one of my best friends here at WordPress passed away. Every day, I still think of her, Sandra Callahan. Oh how I miss her.

Sometimes, it is too much being a grown-up. Along with aging comes the loss of loved ones. Trying to fill those voids is difficult. It forces you to look around and appreciate all you have.

Now there is another wonderful lady on WordPress that I love and adore. Her name is Marilyn Griffin. I first met here here, then through my brother’s illness, she and her wonderful husband came about five hours to meet my brother and me. We all met for lunch and from that point on, she became my immediate friend.

Now with another episode of a hurting heart, I hate it that her husband is fighting a loss of that terrible C word, cancer. I normally would not post something so personal, but gosh, I just have to.

I feel her pain through her words. You see, Bobby, her husband had cancer for a time. He went through the routine of chemo and anything else offered to get rid of it. It worked too. The spark came back in her words, and I was smiling big; but things took a change and it came with bad words of , it came back and worse.

I want any of you who believe in prayer to pray for Marilyn and Bobby. God is good. God performs miracles. Please, won’t you join me in thought and prayers?

Here is Marilyn’s link to her blog if you would like to say something to her.





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