Help Anyone?

The sun is warm. The skies are blue. It is the new day of the week, and the leaves are out for show on most trees. Life is good, do you see this?

My life is still moving forward and I am having good days along with some bad with my colon. On the good days; I am ready to jump up and down on the bed. When my colon is having spastic episodes, I would rather and do, lay in bed, awaiting a new moment.

I have gone through many days of one or the other type. I have been picking apart my food choices, seeing which ones make me feel worse, better or the same. It has been an interesting and tiring ordeal. With being a diabetic, having a sodium restriction, cholesterol and sugar issue, what is left to eat?

I deal with it though, as hard as it gets some days. The biggest problem for me though is lack of seeing my kids and grandkids. It seems when you don’t see the little ones, and then you do, you ask yourself, how could they change so quick?

The good thing is; that I have a pretty understanding roommate. If I am sick, I can lie around, be myself, and the understanding is a pretty important thing to me. I can get meals fixed for me, and even eat in bed if I choose.

I wrote this post today in order to ask a question to you. Do you use or know of a natural, unharming cleanser or daily routine, so that these bad episodes of spasms occur less? I am not into chemicals, per say, so am searching for something to be able to force things inside my body to act naturally and on their own. Get my point? Any help would be appreciated.




648-01569593 Model Release: Yes Property Release: Yes Parents lying in double bed at home, energetic son (5-7) jumping up and down on bed, smiling, side view

9 thoughts on “Help Anyone?

  1. My gastroenterologist diagnosed me with microscopic colitis. His treatment plan was to take two chewable Pepto Bismol tablets 3x a day after each meal. It’s not difficult or that pleasant. But he said it would take about 6 weeks to resolve. I suffered with my condition for over a year. After six weeks, my condition began to improve. I wonder if this might help you, Terry. You could ask your doctor.


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