The Dream

She sat up in bed and looked at the clock. Three in the morning. Sweat dripping  down her back and breasts. A dream, a vivid dream. She remembered it so well. Catching her breath, she re-lived these moments.

She was 11 years old. She had been having horrible thoughts for as long as she could remember. The thoughts were always about herself and how bad she was. It seemed she never did anything right.

She was being yelled at so much my either parent. She didn’t get good enough grades in school. She didn’t do enough chores at home. What was it about herself that people didn’t like?

In her dream, she was running down a dark alley. She had her long night gown on and she was barefoot. Her feet were hurting as she stepped on pebbles in the alley. Her hair was wet and tangled from the rain and windy conditions.

She was running away. Going no where and yet somewhere, where people wanted nice little girls. People stepped out of the shadows, and she would run faster after recognizing the mean voices.

Sometimes she would stop and rest a while. Her heart was beating so fast and she was so tired, then she would continue on her journey. She ran and ran until she could no longer make her feet go.

She sat down on a curb, under a street light and she buried her head into her hands and she wept. A pale glow caused her to look up into the biggest hands she had ever seen in all her years.

It was as if it was calling her to them. She stood up and walked towards them. The hands lowered until they became level with her step. A soothing voice said, ” Sit down and rest my child, for I will give you shelter and food. For if I can take care of the flowers and the birds, then I can surely take care of one of my children”. The little girl climbed up into the arms and then she awoke from her dream.


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