Once not long ago

I sat upon a star

I wondered about my life

And how I came this far.


My life seemed pretty rough

It seemed it wasn’t fair

The rules, the regulations

Were more than I could bear.


Now being so much older

With my parents no longer here

With my brother all in heaven

I shed some gentle tears.


A life I shared with love

A family who cared enough

To teach me how to grow

Even though I saw them tough.


It’s the parents who stay on top

It’s their rules that they enforce

These are the ones who love us

I am blessed, with no remorse.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


helicopter 4


A little Laughter, A lot of Relaxation

The past few days have not been bad at all. I took my son out for lunch for his birthday one day. I cleaned the house and with help, rearranged a couple of rooms. I rested and relaxed. It has been wonderful with out pressures on this holiday weekend.

My friend drove me to a mall and with the help of my scooter, I was able to go to some of my favorite stores. We then ate at the famous Coney Island hot dog restaurant. It is a small place but has a big-time flavor.

Here is a link to Coney Island.