Old Jake

He was crazy in the head. That’s what most folks said about old Jake. He had grown up in a small town south of Chicago. He had worked in his father’s fields until his dad died. His dad discouraged him from dating. He said, he was needed more at home and besides, girls take and take, and ain’t nothing but trouble.

Myself, I believe old Jake was just plain lonely. He never even kissed a girl. After his parents were both gone, Jake didn’t want the farm anymore; so with help; he sold it. He took the little bit he got and moved himself into town.

He got an apartment and paid for the next three years ahead of time. He picked out a room that had a big window in the front yard, and that is where the old, crazy man sat most days. He would stare out the window at all the people walking by. He eyed the ladies and wished one of them was his.

He wondered what it would be like to touch their hand, or get close enough to smell their perfume, let alone sneak a quick kiss. Jake didn’t go out much. He had never learned much in social skills. He was shy and knew if he went out, he would only make an ass of himself, just as his dad said he would.

He didn’t have any bills to pay since they were included in  his room and board. His mother had taught him how to repair clothes, so when he got a hole; he just quickly repaired it. About the only time he went out was the once a week when he popped into the grocery store two doors down. He mainly bought peanut butter, some jelly, bread, cookies. He bought a quart of milk and a jug of juice. He kept these items in the little apartment size refrigerator he had in his room. The landlord did his laundry for him.

One time when he was in the grocery store, a person bumped into him, about knocking him straight down on his face. Old Jake didn’t know what to think when he composed himself and turned to see who had done it.

He looked straight into big, brown eyes, who stared back at him. She was giving him the biggest smile. Bigger than his own mother had ever shown to Jake. She said, “Scuse me sir. Me didn’t mean to run straight into you. You see, my shoestring came undone”. She pointed down at it and Jake followed her look.

He saw the shoelace was undone and without thinking he knelt down and tied it for her. When he stood back up she stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek. Old Jake’s face turned warm, and he raised his fingers to where the kiss remained. He touched his cheek and looked at her and his face glowed with delight.

The two felt an instant attraction. He told her his name was Old Jake. She told him her name was Sally Sue. For weeks after that meeting, Jake made sure he went to the store on the same day that he had met Sally  Sue.

She would be there, doing her own grocery shopping. One day Old Jake asked  her if they could share the cart. She nodded and smiled big for him. The two did their grocery shopping and once they were checked out; he carried her bag outside for her. Jake asked, “Are you hungry Sally Sue”? She nodded and said, “I am starved, Old Jake.”





I dreamt of you, my baby
I dreamed I was your queen
You treated me like an angel
I said you were,my king.

I hated waking up
To find this was a dream
Felt broken-hearted baby
Cuz reality says you’re mean.

Always hoped of getting married
A prince upon a horse
A man who’d love me forever
Life didn’t take this course.

You don’t beat me or cheat
You barely say a word
My emotions; you have scarred
Cuz you’re married to your work.

This is not the life I wanted
Although I love you,  it’s not right
I will pack cuz I am tired
Of being the invisible wife.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


M&m Peanut Butter Bars

I made a very easy recipe tonight.  My recipes have to be easy, or I would fall from standing too long.

The recipe is as follows;
Melt 1/2 cup butter in microwave.  Add 1 egg plus 1 cup brown sugar and stir . Mix in one-half cup peanut butter. Stir in 1 cup flour and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Fold in three-fourths bag of 11 ounce bag M&Ms, saving one third for later.

Line 8×8 pan with aluminum foil. Pour thick batter in pan. Bake 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees. It will be done when inserted knife tests clean upon checking.  Scatter
remaining M&Ms on top. Enjoy.

I took my finished product out of foil and placed on a plate. I also sprinkled confectioners sugar before placing final candies on top.



Your Thoughts Please

I  am  watching  Dr. PHIL, a  very  interesting  topic. People  who are strong  believers  in God, who think they can raise  the dead animals  or people.

I do believe  that  God can make many miracles  and do amazing  actions through  human life, but  I  feel  God performed  many miracles  to show us he is the almighty  God. I  don’t  believe  that we can do all things.

What are your  thoughts ?


Always Learning Something New

This evening I watched Dr. Charles Stanley. I think I was supposed to watch it; because it was the topic of me. I am one of the biggest people that looks back in my life and thinks, I should not have done that, or this or that.

It is stupid, because no one can go back and change that moment. We can only change today; this second, with our choices.

I was brought up in a church that believed that once saved by Christ, you could fall over and over, and needed to rededicate your life. This made life a bit more difficult for me, because I knew of so many mistakes I had made.

On Dr. Stanley’s message, he pointed out that I was wrong. He stated that as long as I believed in God, and acknowledged him, along with asking Jesus to forgive my sins, I am saved.

This is a huge relief for me. I may suffer from Parkinson’s, spastic colon, some depression and Diabetes but; I am going to heaven. I used to be so frightened of dying, but these past several weeks I have discovered I am not.

Heaven will be beautiful, with no fighting and no  pain. I will be  healed and smiling. So, I learned a valuable lesson tonight. I am going to be alright, no matter what situation I am in at the present.

me today 3



When illness  comes your way
And it interrupts the day
When you  can’t  say halt
And too weak to  shout
You  turn to your self
Place the soul on a shelf.
You give a nice speech 
Although  you  wish for  a  beach
This is the deal
There is no free meal
I’ll  fight with my might
Won’t  quit even at night 
I’ll  find the good  in each day
Until God takes  me a way .
Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd