Sunday Mornings

Many years ago, God told us to rest on Sundays. Today, although time has not stood still, Sunday mornings are the most peaceful of the entire week. I have heard jokes said about Sundays. The drunks are sleeping in late, all the bar goers are resting and so on, but the fact is; God is still speaking to us in 2016.

We still have work days; Monday through Friday, with two extra days added at times to make sure every penny can be earned. This is the way it was centuries also, minus the Sundays.

Is it so amazing to wake up on today, Sunday morning. Clouds reign over the sky. Visions of left-over rain drops remaining.  A peek of sun giving hope for a more beautiful day. A slight breeze showing me life lives through our plants and trees. The birds are  happily chirping.

Yes, nature knows what God wants us to do. So simple yet so over-looked. So for this next week, observe each day and see if your Sunday mornings look any different.


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