Rocky Road Clusters – Shugary Sweets

Rocky Road Clusters combine chocolate, marshmallows, and peanuts for one amazing candy. Cravings, solved! Be sure to sign up for my FREE email subscription…new recipes in your inbox! CLICK HERE TO PIN IT FOR LATER There are two things I’m totally digging right now. Food that is covered in cheese! Food that is covered in chocolate! Both of which […]

Source: Rocky Road Clusters – Shugary Sweets

My Tree

When I am down
I climb a tree
A branch, a leaf
Is what I see.

I can speak
To God from there
I can almost see
His face, I swear.

I can ask him
To forgive me of my sins
I can promise him
I’ll try harder again.

My tree is my favorite place
i never have to pretend
It’s a place for me and God to talk
When I need to think again.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


Giggles and Penguin Point Do Me Right

Today, I had to go to  Warsaw to pick-up my medications. I stopped at my son’s house and was lucky enough to spend time with my son, his dad, one of the grandsons and the two dogs.

It felt good to see them again. I miss them so much. I don’t live that far from them but with my Parkinson’s I don’t drive too much any longer. We chatted and the little one picked on me, and made me giggle.

Laughing is a  huge medicine in my life. I yearn it after taking care of my dad and brother for eight years. A giggle makes you forget any sadness. A youngster turns your train of thought into a much younger time in  your life; when playing was what life consisted of.

After the visit, I drove to the pharmacy and then stopped through my favorite drive-thru for lunch. Penguin Point is the name of the restaurant. They are famous for their chicken and tenderloins, plus they have crinkle-cut french fries which is the rave all around here.

I drove back home to my quiet home. I tinkered in the kitchen for a while. I cut up some strawberries and a muskmelon and put both in the refrigerator for late night snacks.

Here is a link to the menu of Penguin Point.