Always Learning Something New

This evening I watched Dr. Charles Stanley. I think I was supposed to watch it; because it was the topic of me. I am one of the biggest people that looks back in my life and thinks, I should not have done that, or this or that.

It is stupid, because no one can go back and change that moment. We can only change today; this second, with our choices.

I was brought up in a church that believed that once saved by Christ, you could fall over and over, and needed to rededicate your life. This made life a bit more difficult for me, because I knew of so many mistakes I had made.

On Dr. Stanley’s message, he pointed out that I was wrong. He stated that as long as I believed in God, and acknowledged him, along with asking Jesus to forgive my sins, I am saved.

This is a huge relief for me. I may suffer from Parkinson’s, spastic colon, some depression and Diabetes but; I am going to heaven. I used to be so frightened of dying, but these past several weeks I have discovered I am not.

Heaven will be beautiful, with no fighting and no  pain. I will be  healed and smiling. So, I learned a valuable lesson tonight. I am going to be alright, no matter what situation I am in at the present.

me today 3