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I  am  watching  Dr. PHIL, a  very  interesting  topic. People  who are strong  believers  in God, who think they can raise  the dead animals  or people.

I do believe  that  God can make many miracles  and do amazing  actions through  human life, but  I  feel  God performed  many miracles  to show us he is the almighty  God. I  don’t  believe  that we can do all things.

What are your  thoughts ?


15 thoughts on “Your Thoughts Please

  1. Terry, I believe in miracles. Like you … I don’t believe anyone can raise the dead. We would see a lot of our loved ones come back if it were possible. I have always heard ‘anything is possible’. I don’t believe that is possible. You and I would have our loved ones back if it were so. Don’t you agree? ❤ Gloria

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  2. Doctors can bring people that have died momentarily back sometimes, miraculous to be sure. But, I too don’t think we can and nor should we raise the dead if we could. Leave the dead be. God will come for us all eventually, but until then, let us leave well enough alone.

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  3. Creeps me out. Yes, God is a God of miracles, but when Jesus did miracles, they were to prove and emphasize that He was indeed the Son of God.

    What is the motive for these people doing “miracles”?

    Don’t forget, the Egyptian magicians were able to duplicate the plagues God sent on Egypt, too. Satan’s power was behind that.

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    • You are right. What is the point? I believe God could help us do anything but we don’t need to be able to do everything. Only believe and share his word is our job. Thanks for sharing with me

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  4. First: I believe in bodily resurrections, but even Jesus didn’t raise EVERY person he knew who died, nor did he heal EVERY person around him who was in need of healing. That’s not because He was limited, but because the benefits to being healed or raised from the dead are limited. Would I bring someone I loved AWAY from a heavenly immortal life to restore their mortal life to them? For what purpose? Jesus’ purpose was to announce in an indisputable way that he was God’s only begotten son. That made him more significant than a prophet, though his cousin, John the Baptist was their newest prophet and also performing miracles. When God performs a miracle, He’s announcing Himself to our dulled mortal senses. He’s highlighting the Gospel message of the good news of Grace.

    Second: There’s no reason for God to do anything that men wish Him to do. He refuses to fit into any box we make. If someone tells you there’s a formula for getting God to do something you want done, be immediately suspicious and watch to see what God they are talking about. Because MY God is the Creator. All others are merely the Created. Even Lucifer is not his equal though many would tell us that they are balanced in power or close to the same. They CAN’T be. Again – God IS, and he created everything else. Why would he need to follow any man’s formula and still be God? Uh uh. Nope.

    There are desperate attempts to make God reasonable to mankind’s understanding. He tells us that he is ABOVE all mortal understanding. Just accept it, and know that He’s still in love with us- His creations – and He wants us to join him for all time. Not because we’re perfect, and not because we’ve followed any formula, but because we’ve accepted His gift of eternal life. Just accept it and let all rationalizations go. He’s God. We can’t understand Him, and He’s beyond human simplicity or even human complexity. There are many scriptures that say this over and over again, but – these other fools keep ignoring it. That’s ok. God can work through that foolishness, too. (wink).

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