The Victim

He was the misfit boy
Never spending time
No one being kind
Didn’t stay in line.
Ignored by most
Parents didn’t care
Going everywhere
A life he didn’t share.
One day he couldn’t resist
He screamed and threw a fit
He scared those around a bit
It seemed like he was lit.
A bad cop took notice
He took out his knife
He tased the man twice
Bullets took the victim’s life.
Written by,
Terry Shephed


She saw it all. She heard the overbearing ringing. Two shots; piercing throughout the air. Bea lived in Chicago. She had grown up there. She had seen many changes since her memories began. What once was a quiet neighborhood, has now been replaced by sounds of gunfire, screams for help, and too many sirens.

Bea loved this tiny corner in the world she lived in. She refused to leave. She had dreamed of always becoming a dancer and she wasn’t leaving until her dream had turned into reality. She wasn’t afraid. Her parents had taught her to fear nothing.

Although her parents were poor, they were good teachers. God was to be placed first, followed by family, hard work and plenty of dreams. They didn’t have much to eat; but never left the table empty.

Bea had spent her childhood taking scraps of material from where ever they could be found. She would spend hours with her mother, cutting, stitching one thread at a time, and lots of smiles and giggles when she would walk down the pretend run way showing off her new costume. She always performed one dance for her parents; one that she had practiced over and over for a month.

When Bea’s parents passed on, they left her the little house filled with memories and a tiny nest egg. Bea worked at a costume shop and with the money her parents had left her, she was able to take the final step of her dream.

She took the city bus and went to the dance studio and signed up for her first set of professional classes. She was giddy inside from excitement. She had just made the cut-off mark and was going to be starting on Monday.

The weekend went too slow; but finally Monday arrived. Bea arrived with a glow that sparked the entire classroom. Her teacher noticed, and when class was over,  her teacher took her aside. “Bea, I am so thrilled to have you in my class. You have a gift, a talent that we must work on and perfect”.

Bea hopped on the bus and all the way home she beamed. People sitting near here were staring at her.She smiled bigger as she knew the answer to their questions. She wanted to stand and scream out, I did it! I made it! I am going to live my dream! Instead, she sat quietly waiting for her corner to turn arrive.