It Doesn’t  Matter  

​What will tomorrow  bring?

A day of joy or pain?

I  guess it doesn’t  matter

To think of the latter.

I  think  instead –

I’ll  bow my mind and head.

I  will  give thanks  for my today

For the love  God sent my way.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd

Life and More

Hey friends .  I’m  still  kicking  life around .  An angel answered my heart and  I  will  be  receiving  a  walker  with  a  seat  this  week .  

I  hate having  to  resort to this ,  but hopefully  it  will  help me  remain  standing . 

Saturday  I was driven  to  a boardwalk  in Warsaw  and riding  my brother’s  scooter ,  I  was able  to  get  several  photographs .  I  completely  lost track of  time  and  although  I  didn’t  mean to ,  I  ignored  anyone  around  me. The camera  does this to me. I  have another  WordPress  page, where you  can see several  of  my  favorites . 

Yesterday  I  felt awful ,  but knew I would  feel  worse in bed, so I  made a very easy recipe  for  home made  bread.

Bread in a  bag

In a large zip lock  bag place 3 tablespoons  sugar ,  1 cup warm water, 1 package  fast  action  yeast. Close bag and mix. Let rest for 10 minutes .  Open bag, add 3 tablespoons  olive oil, 1 1/2 teaspoon  salt, 1 cup flour. Close bag and mix. Open bag, add 1 more cup flour. Close bag, mix well. Open bag, take out and kneed until  smooth .  For 2 mini loaves, divide dough in half, or place 1 large  ball in regular  size bread pan, (s). Cover and let rise for 30 minutes .  Bake  30 minutes  375 degrees . 

In Rhyme  

​Why can’t  I  find love?

Is it something  I  did wrong?

I  don’t  deserve  a second  chance?

I  see you  standing  there

Looking  as lost as me.

Wonder  if  I should  make  a  move

Would  you  say hello  to  me?

Our eyes are locked  together  

Our hearts speak in rhyme . 
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd