Steve  Harvey  

I was listening  to  Steve Harvey  this  morning  and  throughout  my  day, I  kept  hearing  his words echo  in my head. His show  was about  people  who  follow  their  passion .  

He said , If you  hate getting  up and going  to  work  because  you  hate your  job, change  it. If you  can’t  find  the  good  in  each  day ,  change  what  you  are  doing . If you  follow  your  passion ,  it will  make  your  income . 

I  thought  about  it and it made me a little  sad. With  my Parkinson  and gait problems ,  I would  doubt  I work outside  of  the home anymore.  When I  am living with  the  help of  the  government ,  I can’t  see any bright  lights  ahead . 

I  do have a passion  or passions. I  love knowing  I have brought  comfort  to someone. I  love being a part of  the  solution .  I love to write  poetry  and  short, and inspirational  stories . The issue  is, how can I  put some  jingle  in my purse.

I  often  ask myself ,  is this what’s  left?

Old-fashioned  Sugar  Cookies I Made

​I  used the seat on my  scooter  and was able  to  make  these old-fashioned  sugar cookies . Big, soft, delicious  answer so close to my grandmother’s  recipe ,  I  would  swear  it is hers.

Here is  the  link to the  cookie recipe .