Steve  Harvey  

I was listening  to  Steve Harvey  this  morning  and  throughout  my  day, I  kept  hearing  his words echo  in my head. His show  was about  people  who  follow  their  passion .  

He said , If you  hate getting  up and going  to  work  because  you  hate your  job, change  it. If you  can’t  find  the  good  in  each  day ,  change  what  you  are  doing . If you  follow  your  passion ,  it will  make  your  income . 

I  thought  about  it and it made me a little  sad. With  my Parkinson  and gait problems ,  I would  doubt  I work outside  of  the home anymore.  When I  am living with  the  help of  the  government ,  I can’t  see any bright  lights  ahead . 

I  do have a passion  or passions. I  love knowing  I have brought  comfort  to someone. I  love being a part of  the  solution .  I love to write  poetry  and  short, and inspirational  stories . The issue  is, how can I  put some  jingle  in my purse.

I  often  ask myself ,  is this what’s  left?


13 thoughts on “Steve  Harvey  

  1. The questions are good. Keep asking them until you get answers that make you lift your head again. Life has given you some new things you didn’t want, and didn’t expect. That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative in having them (wink). Bless ya!

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  2. Terry, I’m sure there’s some sort of writer’s group close enough for you to attend. You get help and inspiration with your writing, and they can offer advice on how to submit stories and poetry. Do some googling: writer’s groups near (insert your town’s name.)

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      • you are certainly not dumb!!!…by change…sometimes we have to accept thing we Can’t Change…exp. your illness…exp. my husband’s cancer…
        so we then look around…and try to see what it is we are able to do…You…write…photos…talking tp people…family…Probably MUCH MORE than I mentioned…and me…family…writing…friends…baking for friends…talking to people about God’s love…etc. …


      • I understand and see what you are saying . Do you ever sit in the darkness and weep and wonder why? I do sometimes


  3. Oh… have cried many a tear… They just run! … but, as to the question WHY???
    I believe we all have our good times and bad… My why would be more about my son… than even my husband’s cancer and possible death…
    He (my son) has had such a hard life with his illness… That is what I actually hate sometimes… and want it changed…but, I can only be grateful for the small blessings we are getting now…and hope we learned some valuable lessons along the way!


    • You are definitely someone very special. When I am down, I tend to run myself in the muck. I always think I am on top and then bam, I fall. I’m not thankful enough for my many blessings. Thank you for helping me to see my errors


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