Time For a Change

It is hard to sometimes think positive when my pain is a daily problem. It is easy to get down on myself. I am probably the worst critic over anyone I know who knows me. I shouldn’t be this way; but on those very painful days, when getting out of bed is a task, I fall prey.

I have been thinking of ways to improve this. No, I don’t just sleep when I am in bed too much. My mind races to various things, including how do I make things better. I was watching my favorite show tonight, and she made a comment that hit me like a brick.

She said, ” People complain all the time. You can’t complain, if you have no plan to change things. If you complain constantly, you will always be stuck, right where you are.  We don’t give enough thanks for being in the place we are right now.”

The last sentence was the one that got to me. Wow, it really hit home. I pray a lot. I pray for my kids, my family, my health, to lose weight, to watch what I eat. I pray often for the MSA patients on my pages that need to be comforted, and I can’t be there to hold their hand.

The one thing I didn’t think about, and never did; was to  pray, Thank you God for letting me have this minute, right now. Time for a change.




Between  the  Sheets  

​Between  The Sheets  
Sitting  underneath  the shade

Holding  second  best in my hand

Living the character  in my dreams  

Traveling  throughout  the land.
Drinking  a glass of white wine

Lifting my hand to  toast

Sharing a ripe strawberry  

Our love spreading  coast to coast . 
I take your  hand you offer

Then you show me to my seat

The water gently  caresses

Sending  shivers, our eyes then meet.
The shadows cast over nightfall  

You slip my clothes to the floor

Your hands, they say you want me

 My body begs for  more.
The heights you  take me; excite me

We again  become  as one

We smile  and  hold  each other  

Not ready to say we’re  done.
We turn and rest our breathing  

And darkness  turns to  light

I close the words that taunt me

Saving the next chapter  for tomorrow  night . 
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd



What we think we know

We may  not

What we plan for tomorrow

May not come true

We may breathe this moment

And be gone in a blink’s eye

What we may put off today

May  not come tomorrow

Live life to the fullest

Do it today

Smile and breathe deeply

Notice the tiny things

Be thankful and give thanks

Live like

This is your last moment.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd