Time For a Change

It is hard to sometimes think positive when my pain is a daily problem. It is easy to get down on myself. I am probably the worst critic over anyone I know who knows me. I shouldn’t be this way; but on those very painful days, when getting out of bed is a task, I fall prey.

I have been thinking of ways to improve this. No, I don’t just sleep when I am in bed too much. My mind races to various things, including how do I make things better. I was watching my favorite show tonight, and she made a comment that hit me like a brick.

She said, ” People complain all the time. You can’t complain, if you have no plan to change things. If you complain constantly, you will always be stuck, right where you are.  We don’t give enough thanks for being in the place we are right now.”

The last sentence was the one that got to me. Wow, it really hit home. I pray a lot. I pray for my kids, my family, my health, to lose weight, to watch what I eat. I pray often for the MSA patients on my pages that need to be comforted, and I can’t be there to hold their hand.

The one thing I didn’t think about, and never did; was to  pray, Thank you God for letting me have this minute, right now. Time for a change.




5 thoughts on “Time For a Change

  1. She is right on TV, find things in the day you can be grateful for and complain less, change what you can so life is easier for you. Think of the good things instead of the bad things happening to you.

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  2. Terry, I really feel for you and relate completely to what you wrote. I am also very down on myself and hate feeling like a complainer. But pain is so challenging and depression can be a downward spiral. I often found myself eating to feel better and that made things worse, too
    I think you are a positive person. It has made me feel very guilty when I think I’m “not grateful enough.” Comparisons about “it could be worse” also aren’t uplifting.
    I think you’re on a better path to just be gentle and kind to yourself. We are that way to others and not to ourself, unfortunately. See things for what they are – you are hurting and doing the best you can. Any thought or action that helps you feel better is a good one. That is the path I’ve taken and it sometimes is more of a struggle than other times. But we will prevail when we follow anything that is driven by love, not guilt or “shoulds.”
    A very thought-provoking post – great writing!

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    • Thanks Judy. Your words help me and I am glad I helped show you a different light. We need each other and our faith in God because pain can absolutely draw us close to the devil’s mind. Big hugs my friend

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