This darn thing of getting older is really starting to get to me. I usually have no issue with remembering anything from long ago, but this short-term memory, lack of, is bothering me big time.

Why am I telling you all this? Because, I need help, so I am coming to you. Sounds so silly since I have written and  published two books, but the problem is I can’t remember how to save what I wrote in Open Office to a folder on my desktop.

I can save it, the page, but when I open the file, and click on the title, it shows my work, but it shows it in its entity. I don’t want any part of Open Office showing, only the text part. What in the world am I doing wrong? Please talk to me, if you can help me. Other wise, I am only writing for myself.




MSA Warriors 

​MSA Warriors 
Regular Joe

You may not know 

Not only the rich,

But those with no dough.
An ugly disease 

With questions attached 

Knocked at my door 

Uninvited and locked the latch.
Brought me to my knees

Drew my family near

We held each other’s hands

Saying we’ll fight this fear.
Doctors and medicine 

Discussed and given

Therapy ordered

Directions driven.
MSA Warriors 

They’re  the toughest crew

Mad as hell

But we’ll see this through. 
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd

My Thoughts  

​Today is gone

Yesterday  delete

Memories  put a way  

Time for sleep.
Kneel at my bed

Gather hands as one  

Ask for  forgiveness  

To the only son.
With hope, I  will  rise

For one more time

Now hop into bed

And close  my eyes . 
Night my Facebook  friends  

Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd