Scary Dreams

It was about six months ago when I experienced nightmares on a daily basis. Up until the last three days, I have been dream-free. Night one, I don’t remember. Night two was silly. Last night was scary.

I am not sure what is happening in my head; but I hope it stops soon.

I dreamed I was at my parents property. I knew in my dream that my parents and brother no longer lived there. I remember getting ready to get dressed and I had my camera, cell and clean clothes all laid out.

I had turned and left the room for some reason and when I returned; my cell and camera were gone. I somehow jumped to a new scene and can remember a dark, scary looking man coming towards me. He looked as if he was a foreigner and maybe someone I had seen on the television these past few weeks.

He stopped and asked me if I was alright. I told  him what had happened and he said, “Your possessions are being held captive. You are not allowed to have any link to outside of this property”.

The next thing I remember is me looking outside the windows of the barn? Yes, I was in a barn, very similar to my parents barn. I could see my parents home and in my dream I had no problem recognizing their property.

I became frantic. I needed my cell to call for help and I felt lost without my camera. I went looking for help and stumbled into this section of the barn, where men with gruesome masks sat.

They asked me what I wanted. I told them I was looking for my items. The leader nudged a servant? and the servant took me aside, explaining why I couldn’t have my belongings.

He took his knife out of its holder and touched my hand gently, as if he was pondering on whether to rape me or not. The knife went too deep and he cut my thumb. It left a straight line of blood dripping. The blood turned black and the servant jumped back with a look of fear on his face.

“What is it that you wish for? What items are you looking for”? This is what he kept repeating to me. I told  him and he led me to a tiny, padded room and opened up one of the dirty cabinet doors. He handed me my two items and said, “Go, leave and don’t come back. The mark of black blood gives you many more powers over us”.

I turned and scrambled out the door and realized I was miles from the city. I had no way to escape. I again stared out windows, searching for answers, when I saw many vehicles parked in the yard.

One of them was a white camper with a gold streak down the side. I recognized it immediately as my fathers. I raced from room to room and then I  spotted him. I quickly made my way to his side. He was holding small trinkets in his hands.

He looked at me and smiled saying, “This is going to be a fine auction. Look at these bargains I have bought”. I explained in a hurried voice, “Daddy, take me out of here. We have to go right now”.

He did as I requested,(rare, but this was a dream) and we left in his camper. I turned around to watch as the property became smaller and smaller in my eyes. My mind was racing and I was trying to calm down, realizing I was going to be safe.

Suddenly the camper started to swerve on the road. Crossing the middle line over and over. I yelled out to my dad, “Are you alright? You are going all over the road”? He didn’t answer me.

I walked up to the driver’s seat and it was empty. My father was no where to be found.

When I woke up from my dream, my immediate thought was ,my daddy was an angel watching over me and he had rescued me from a bad place; but it was up to me to build my future.

I am not sure what this all means, but I wish it wouldn’t have happened; my friends. Dreams can be fun and loving, filled with good memories, or something like this; scary.


(This is a true story)



​My Addiction  
You  can’t  see

What I  can feel

I can’t  tell  you  

I need my fix.
If I  ignore  this  beast

And pretend  to  smile  

If I  don’t  cry out

I can go on for  a while . 
Then I   saw my bestie  

On his back

He was in an alley  

All filthy  and black.
His addiction  had 

Got the best of  him

My tears started  falling

The lights  became dim.
I  knew  it  was  time

I took hold  of  the  rope

I called my dear sister

Who I knew  was my hope.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd