You once loved me
Held me in highest regard
Had eyes for only me
To look away, was very hard.
You started coming home late
A new reason every week
Your hands, they became so cold
Our love, it seemed so bleak.
You were caught in the act
I saw your form, I knew so well
Kissing her on the mouth
My heart; it broke and fell.
You still looked at me and said
I love you babe, my friend
I slapped you across the face
And said this game will end.
You looked down at the floor
You knew you had been caught
You turned and walked away
Yet you didn’t seem distraught.
You sat in the court room bold
You couldn’t see eye to eye
You tried to get it all
But the judge, he said goodbye.
I walked into our house
With keys and money too
When you cheat on me my darling
You will give all that’s due.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd