Who is Better Than Who

I don’t sit on the edge of the couch maybe like some do, listening for every word that is spoken or spewed out of the Presidential candidates. I sometimes giggle at what I hear, and other times it reminds me of children, young children, throwing fits by lashing out at each other to see who can hurt the other the worst.

Instead of digging with a shovel in the sand, they go back into each others past and see what they can dig up to trash each other. It seems so childish to me. All of this happens in order to gain the highest title over United States.

When I observe these bad attitudes, I have to ask myself, do I really want either of them to help guide me through my daily living? Do I want an adult in an adult body, with a childish attitude?

When are we all going to learn that the only one who wins is one who is led by God? We need God back in our schools and public places. We need to allow prayers back in schools, lunchrooms and work.

I watch people. I am a huge people watcher. When I get to go out to eat, there are sometimes those who are not afraid to show their commitment to God by praying before eating.

I have also observed others mocking, or snickering at those praying. I just want to get up and go smack those who laugh. God made this country. God is in control of this country. God needs to be allowed to guide us; even those in contest of who is better than who.




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