What a Weekend!

This weekend was not what I would call a good one. Not feeling my best, didn’t help, which caused boredom and aggravation. I got angry at myself for how I felt poorly. I was mad at the Parkinson’s for keeping me from doing things I normally used to do.

I slept a lot more and on top of everything else, I fell again. I had used the bathroom and when I stood up, I got lightheaded and fell on the floor. I was glad my roommate happened to be home and helped me through this. I didn’t break any bones. I do feel the after effects by some bruising in the bones.

I did happen to run to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things and as I was exiting, I noticed a free magazine and decided to pick one up and read when I got home. It was strange words that I read. Usually if I am reading a magazine it is Woman’s World.

This one was filled with ads for livestock, tractors, farm animal auctions, and it did have an interesting section on places to go for natural  vitamins and healing. There was one recipe page in it.

You see, I live in Amish country. I live in a country town filled with minimal stores and plenty of horse and buggies. Several times I have asked myself, I wonder how much one of those buggies cost? Picking up that magazine answered that question for me.

It had two pages of buggies for sale. I was shocked at the price of a new one. After all, as far as I can see, there is no electric on them. There definitely is no engine. I did learn that the material used can make the price go up and there must be different styles of seating inside.

It is soothing to my ears on a quiet Sunday, when the windows are allowed to be open, that I hear the clip clop of horse hooves going down the road. It kind of lulls the soul into a tranquil peace.

Well, back to what I was saying, a brand new buggy could be purchased for five thousand dollars. I was as I said earlier surprised at this total. I noticed used, basic ones could be bought for around twelve hundred. I always wanted to take a ride in one. Now I want to even more, so I can feel the material and check out those styles.




pink bud 6amish 3buggy

4 thoughts on “What a Weekend!

  1. I think it’s wonderful how you distracted yourself from the pain and found an interest to occupy your mind. So sorry about the fall. Although you were lucky not to break anything, that bruising sounds very painful – another burden! I do hope you feel better soon, Terry. And take that buggy ride. 🙂

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